Cutting design and production excellence

Based on over 30 years of extensive design experience and production know-how,
YAN'S offers a wide range of finger joint cutters for woodworking. Assuring time-
proven quality at the most competitive price, YAN'S finger joint cutters perform
accuracy and smoothly, While maintaining high jointing accuracy and providing
maximum durability. YAN'S finger joint cutter's specifications are made to fully
meet all customer requirement's. Customized sizes from 3"-24" are available for
circular saw blades.


Superior cutting quality

YAN'S finger joint cutters and circular saw blades are care-fully manufactured
according to the company's strict quality assurance policy. Quality inspections
are performed throughout each stage of the manufacturing process. YAN'S finger
joint cutters and circular saw blades are manu-factured by sophisticated machining
equipment to ensure top standard cutting performance.

Sharp, rigid, precise and tough. That's YAN'S circular saw-blades. A dependable
sawblade designed and engineered to dramatically improve your cutting efficiency.
YAN'S offers a complete line of cost-saving, precision-built circular saw blades for
various cutting applications in wood, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous and
ferrous metals.

YAN'S uniform sharpness, toughness, and accuracy permit exceptionally high
cutting speeds and clean cutting results. Consistent quality and repeatability is
assured, resulting in improved productivity.

YAN'S maintains a large stock for prompt delivery, all at competitive prices. So when
your job calls for efficient cutting and accuracy is critical, the saw blades from YAN'S
are your perfect solution.